Zed ft Mr Lekki – Mr Nobody (Prod by DJ Coublon)

A fighter pushed into the ring by the conditions of life around him…”
The harshness of life has driven so many people to do alot of things they ordinarily wouldn’t do- just to survive in whatever way they can….this is particularly “Nigerian” in nature…
We wail and wait everlastingly on God BUT take no action…some of us have been beaten down to the level of accepting just any standard of life as long as we survive…we have no societal goals….everybody is simply looking for the next man to swindle…. the raging Ponzi scheme madness….
And thanks to NEPA, I’ve learnt to love darkness because that’s when I see my thoughts clearly…..the aura of the obstacles I have to surmount surrounds me and I bask in it and get an inspiration…

Mr NOBODY is one of such inspirations….

Yours truly,

Listen, download and enjoy

Download: Zed ft Mr Lekki - Mr Nobody (Prod by DJ Coublon)
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