Forever Gospel Crew – “Jigide M Aka”

Forever Gospel Crew is a budding gospel band based in Owerri, Nigeria. The group was founded by Ifeanyi Onwuneme in 2015, and has so far, been making remarkable impact on the gospel music sphere.

They’re young, energetic and extraordinarily creative. Their style of music and stage presence easily leave anyone that watches them awe-stricken.

“Jigide M Aka”, which means “Hold Me”, is the second song to be officially released by Forever Gospel Crew. It’s an Igbo Christian song which expresses the sincere wish of every true Christian to cling to God for protection and guidance.

This song, written by Ifeanyi Onwuneme and led by Goodluck Nwachukwu aka Goodie D’Singer, is rich in harmony, and portrays excessively the African heritage in its display of African musical instruments- ógwè (local drums), ùdù (pot drums), óshàrà (shekere), ókwá (slit wood) and òjà (flute).

Goodluck Nwachukwu aka Goodie D’Singer is a multi-talented young man whose voice will always give you a soothing relief. In addition to his progressive singing and modelling career, he is currently the Mr. All Campus, Imo State.‎

God bless you as you listen to, and download “Jigide M Aka” by Forever Gospel Crew.‎

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